The Truth about “Life Coaching”

“You’re a life coach?  Oh my gosh I have a friend who really needs to talk to you!” Somehow the term “life coach” has gotten a bad reputation and has become synonymous with helping people who are completely lost get their lives together; not that this is a bad thing but it’s a bit of a misconception.  I know the first time that I heard the title “Life Coach” I rolled my eyes a little and thought to myself “Really who can call themselves an expert on life?  We’re all as equally messed up as each other.” However the athlete in me was a little intrigued by the use of the word “coach” and wanted to see how it compared to what I understood as the definition of a coach. 

The first time I experienced coaching, I was a young entrepreneur who could barely afford it.  I walked away from my discovery session completely energized and thinking to myself, “Why aren’t we all doing this?  Why aren’t we all spending this dedicated time strategizing about that which is most important to us rather than unquestioningly moving from one phase of our lives to the next?” Unlike a “sports coach” “life coaches” aren’t the expert on your life or your business.  Life Coaches are experts at asking questions, and getting you to think about and look at things in a way you never could on your own.

Coaching can definitely help someone who is feeling a bit stuck, to gain some momentum. Coaching can also REALLY help successful people accelerate the achievement of fulfilling their ideas, goals, and dreams.  Similar to the sports world, successful executives, athletes and entrepreneurs use coaches not for advice but for focus and accountability.  Life Coaching is an action oriented process that supports already successful people to keep their eye on the prize while navigating the perceived and real obstacles that inherently pop up when trying to make something big happen.

It’s been my experience that some of the biggest challenges in life or business are really the symptoms of a personal weakness; usually ones that people are very reluctant to acknowledge or do something about.  Those that do have the self awareness and the ability to ask themselves the hard questions, “How is my behaviour or attitude contributing to this challenge?” or “What is preventing me from making my dreams happen are those that are best equipped to overcome the challenge and ultimately achieve their defined success.

A few questions to think about:

Has your pre-conceived judgement of the term life coach stopped you from trying it?

What else have you stopped yourself from trying because of predetermination?

How self aware are you?

How easy is it for you to park your ego at the door in the spirit of personal growth and development?

What are you going to do to “Better Your Best” in 2012?