Dream Achieved: Carrie Doll

“It was the beginning of a learning journey for me, about trusting in your decisions and not worrying about any judgment that might follow.”                         Carrie Doll

I’ll never forget the first time I met Carrie Doll. I was introduced to her by her husband Stephen Petasky a longtime Better Your Best Coaching Client. Carrie was faced with the incredible challenge all mothers face “do I return to work and sacrifice precious time my kids or not?” Carrie’s challenge was even more difficult because her work hours as the 6pm news broadcaster for CTV news in Edmonton directly conflicted with most of her kids’ “awake” hours. Carrie did choose to go back to work but then after a few more years made the incredibly hard decision to step away. She chose to step towards a better balance with her family and towards the uncertainty of going out on your own.

Carrie navigated this significant life transition through many of life’s ups and downs. It felt like just when we were about to see her get started on something really big and great she was faced with one of life’s many curve balls. From the outside looking in Carrie appears to have it all. She is a strong, athletic, wise woman with a gorgeous family and an incredible circle around her that shines bright on their community. However, at her core she is human and has been dealt her share of life’s toughest challenges. You wouldn’t know it from looking at her as she is rooted in keeping her cards close to her chest and keeping her focus only on raising up others.

Last spring, Carrie lit up when she experienced her “aha” moment with regards to her next professional steps. From my perspective I thought “finally, finally she can have the space she deserves to focus on and work towards something truly close to hear heart.” Her big idea was to launch a podcast, because in her own words “she is fiercely dedicated to connecting people through stories well told.” Her mission would become to not only tell great stories but to empower women to use their voice and share whatever story, idea or conversation needed to be told. In addition to her podcast she was going to launch a series of online public speaking courses.

What I didn’t realize when she shared her aha moment was that I too would be drawn into her vision, drawn into her dream. I was emotional the day she invited me to put the coaching hat down to pick up the leadership hat to direct this project. This opportunity taught me that while we can each have our own dream that we are pursuing, sometimes when you get a tap on the shoulder and someone asks you to come along your head gets quiet and your heart screams YES I LOVE YOUR DREAM!! My response to her invitation was visceral. I most certainly wanted to step into her circle and join her on this journey.

On October 15th the podcast will launch. On November 6th the online courses will launch. I’m proud to say I’ve been a partner on a team of incredibly talented, positive and inspiring women. Each has been excelling in their own zone of genius to get us where we are today. While lots of uncertainty exists on the eve of this launch the experience of working on this team is unparalleled in my career…it’s the stuff they write annoying business books about.

And so my ask of you…

“Next week will you please give us some of your time to listen, rate and review this podcast? And if you feel so inclined to join us on the journey sign up here!”