Dream Achieved: Nathan Isbister

“Regardless of the outcome everything is going to be ok. For me, I have always had a financial self-limiting belief. The confidence I have now, I know that no matter where I am, I am going to produce. My decisions are based on health and what is best for our family. I was able to prove to myself that happiness isn’t in my financial success. We are the healthiest and most connected we’ve been as a family, and most important I know that everything is going to be fine. This experience has calmed all my fears.” 

Nathan Isbister is an entrepreneur, husband, father and Kokoro teammate. Already in his short life Nathan has experienced the many highs and lows that come with entrepreneurship. As a result of this entrepreneurial roller coaster Nathan developed unhealthy habits. In some of his most challenging times he would describe himself as undisciplined and someone who abused alcohol and food for stress relief. In turn these poor habits and choices resulted in chaos for those around him and amplified the self-worth issues commonly associated with our inner critic.

At a very low point in Nathan’s life he decided to make some significant positive changes. He moved his family to Victoria, BC to pursue a heart led purpose and a healthy outdoor lifestyle. But despite these big healthy changes, Nathan found himself wanting more from life!!! Once he was healthy and whole he dreamt of something really BIG!!!

A Better Your Best Coaching client for four years Nathan is familiar with Coach Carolyn’s approach to going after something big…dream it, believe it and achieve it. Inspired by friends in his community Nathan named the Kokoro as his new big dream and focus. Nathan believed that optimized physical health and wellness were critical to his long term success. Struggling to do a single pull up, this big dream, bucket list item, seemed like more of a pipe dream.

Hard work combined with a declared and confident “why” he was in top shape physically and mentally heading into this “50 Hour Crucible”. Modelled after US Navy Seals “hell week,” many use this event as a training ground to start on their path of becoming a full-fledged Navy Seal. Others like Nathan embark on this experience to challenge themselves to see just what they are capable of. Thirty people started and only thirteen people finished; including Nathan.

The biggest learning for Nathan was the importance of a positive mindset and the power of teamwork. By taking care of his mindset by facing his fears head on and focusing on others he realized that the impossible was possible. Nathan realized that not everyone can be good at everything, we all indeed have strengths and weaknesses. However, instead of criticizing or getting frustrated with people, rallying around them and supporting them is a key element to achieving success.  When you’re having a hard day Nathan’s advice is this, “Focus on your teammates, get out of your head and do the work to get everyone get through-not just you.”

Having the courage to commit to the training, being vulnerable, recognizing what is most important, setting goals and staying on task are all things that Nathan credits his coach Carolyn for, The fact that she can call me on my own BS… it was refreshing. On a regular basis she would call me out and point me back to my heart and my priorities“

The question is, “How well do you do at facing your fears, maintaining a positive mindset and empowering your team in order to achieve your dreams?”

Always remember this, “Do today what others won’t, do tomorrow what others can’t.” (Smoke Jumpers Creed)