How do YOU Celebrate Your Small Wins?

Celebrating the small wins is a crucial part of achieving your long-term goals. This is something that anyone who values self-improvement has heard almost ad nauseum.

When you have lofty goals taking the time to reward yourself for small wins is not easy to do. Those wins are often things you expect to happen, so why celebrate?

Repeating why it is important to acknowledge those wins would be a waste of time instead I challenge you to think about how to celebrate. This is part of the process that we often leave out and is something, which can lead to you following through with much greater consistency.

A Celebration that Leads to a Bigger Win

What is something you have sacrificed that will energize you for the next step in the journey towards the ultimate goal?

Your challenge is to create a list of three things you have not given yourself the time to do to that reignite you.

Make it something truly meaningful. A glass of wine or a night out are nice, but take on the challenge of looking a little deeper.

My three:

  1. 24-hour technology fast
  2. Taking half a day to read something I truly enjoy
  3. Taking half a day in the forest with my family without my phone


What are yours?