“Coherence among your culture, your strategic intent, and your performance priorities can make your whole organization more attractive to both employees and customers.”

John Katzenbach

Performance Play Book


Exceptional performance relies on the strength of an organizations leadership, strategy, and talent management. Better Your Best uses coaching and consulting to take an inside out approach to support owner operators and their teams to be their best in order to do perform at their best. By partnering with a coach, our clients achieve the clarity, focus and accountability that drives results.

Phase one:

Whole Leadership/Executive Coaching

A whole leader knows that success starts with them and ripples throughout their organization. The first step in being a whole leader is being aware of how we fuel our bodies in order to maximize energy output. Therefore at Better Your Best all new Whole Leader clients receive a clean eating cookbook “Delicious Meets Nutritious” by Chef Erin Holm.The ultimate outcome of this whole leadership phase is a game plan that will optimize your energy management, deepen your self-awareness, enhance your communication and strengthen your impact.<br />

Phase two:

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning shifts the focus from you to your business. Through an internal and external scan we assess your organizations current state to identify operational gaps. Through planning, focus and alignment, your success becomes defined and achievable through your Better Your Best One Page Plan which is tracked an monitored in one central place for your team to see.

Phase three:

Talent Management

Successful companies know that their talent is their most important asset. A talent management plan that drives engagement, culture and performance is a key tool critical to driving strategy. The outcome of this phase is a talent management plan that leverages your team in order to maximize growth, optime performance and maintain your competitive advantage.<br />