Meet Our Team


As Business Performance Specialists, we have the unique ability to act as both coach and consultant. Each Better Your Best client is unique so our team customizes our services to meet your needs.

Carolyn de Voest B. Ed CPCC MBA



Founder of Better Your Best, Carolyn is known for her ability to ask powerful questions, listening and for calling out that which is not being said. She is direct in her approach in order to get to the essence of what is most important. Her clients describe her as a good listener with lots of compassion and enthusiasm for their dreams.

Molly Edge B.A. Psych., CEC, PCC

Associate Coach


Molly subscribes to a 4Ps approach to coaching: Powerful, Potential, Passionate, Perseverance. As a coach, she has an indomitable spirit bringing light into darkness; a strong backbone, and a large heart. She has a talent for creating trusting and collaborative coaching partnerships focused on achieving results, and infusing fun into the process.

Dagmar Meachem, B’Sc, ACC

Associate Coach


Dagmar is known for creating an empowering and supportive space for her clients to have courageous conversations. She believes challenges are an opportunity for growth and through expanding our capacity to lean into the discomfort, we access all the gifts and growth that’s available during difficult and challenging times. Her clients describe her as having a kind, compassionate and proactive approach and remark that her gift is helping others find their own true gift and purpose.

Sasha Herman, MBA, PCC

Associate Coach


Sasha believes that to succeed, we need not do more, we need to be more.
Her work focuses on improving engagement, performance, innovation, and success through human-centered coaching. A fun-maker, 52firsts facilitator and an activator.

Candace Giesbrecht, CPHR

Associate Coach

Candace is a coach and consultant with 25+ years of senior leadership experience in both not-for-profit and private sectors. With expertise in social work, human resources and organizational leadership, she has a broad and deep toolbox to draw from. She is passionate about supporting leaders and organizations of all sizes to find the sweet spot between excellence in employee experience and business success. She and her family live in the beautiful Okanagan valley where they love hiking, motorcycles, and their two rescue dogs, Lucy & Wylie.